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New Syndicated Entertainers February 2, 2010

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Sugar Bear Trio

 Sugar Bear Trio

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Jay Strawter

 Jay Strawter Mr.2010:The Top Free Agent

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Black Angel Secrets December 28, 2009

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By: J.C. Martin

After being in bands for a number of years, and passing age 30, I decided to start a band with a young, female, lead singer. (as I thought that it would be easier to get a record deal this way). I had always been the…Please Click For Full Story


Winter Snowsuits $.5cents Each December 24, 2009

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We’ve been warned to worry about fleas, even in winter,
and we agree. Now At Last! There’s finally a solution.
We’ve created the new space age product Fleasage.
Yes friends, now people
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A Simple Act Of Kindness December 13, 2009

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I was looking through Craigs List today, the most important thing on my mind was locating a kitchen faucet. Hoping to find a bargain, I came across the following ad instead. As we face such hard economic times, it’s important to remember, there are those who face a much grimmer Christmas.

A Simple Act Of Kindness

My name is Sandra. I am 43 and the mother…
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Black Friday Shopping December 7, 2009

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Black Friday Shopping is always so hard.  First you have to get out of bed, locate clothing, and remove all the furniture jammed against the door, to keep your dog out of your bed. Then, you still…Please Click To Continue

Don’t Miss This Opportunity To Meet My Friend And Entertainer Venetian Princess!


Animals Bring Lawsuit In Federal Court

Professor John Dolittle Phd.(pathological head destroyer) stated today that he had been in close touch with the animal population, and that they wanted to bring a class action suit agianst the federal government, as well as human kind at large.

So, the rat population got together first, and with Ben Vector(retired actor from 1972) as their rat rep. and Professor Dolittle as their translator, they…Please Click To Continue

This satirical story was inspired by Professor Cass Sunstein’s  confirmation by the senate, this year. What makes him so unusual is that he has been working with activists in Spain to gain human rights for Apes.
I hope you enjoy the story….